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이채담, Lee Chae Dam, Chae-dam, Chae Dam, 李采潭, 채린, Chae Rin, 李採潭, Chaerin

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Beautiful Girl 

Paradise Hot Women Village

Three Girls Sex Massage Sharing

The Taste of Money: a Forbidden Transaction

Hypnotic Dance Club

Swapping: A Divorce Trip Between Two Couples

Watching, Private Sex Lesson

Housemaid Mom

Actresses: Sex Audition

Idol Sex: LA Korean Women

Thousand Year Gumiho

My Brother Wants to Hide the Food but Not the Lady

Landlady's Daughter

Next Door Aunt Ass Close-up Sex

Mr. Daytime

The secret night of mother and daughter

Miss & Mrs. Hangover

Suspicious Living

A Thick Married Woman Who Came Back Without Forgetting

Good Mom’s Friend 3

Good Mother 3

Fist & Furious as Showgirl

Adultery Alumni Association 2

Good Water Boarding House 2

Wife's Mom 2

엄마 친구의 떡 선물

Alaska Polar Bear

Karaoke Room: Hot Girls

Complete Breeding: The Aesthetics of Confinement

My Girlfriend's Mother 2

Love Between Teachers and Students as lee chae dam

Forbidden Sex2018Sex - Lady Next Door

Artificial Intelligence Sex

An Affair: My Sister-in-law's Love as Eun-joo

Big-chested Sisters2018Sex Exchange

Next Door Sisters2018Church Sister

Hyangdan - Director's Cut

Good Water Boarding House

My Brother's Girlfriend

Female Hostel 2

Love Chain

Mutual Relations 2

Cheating Wives

Son's Wife

My Wife's 101st Marriage

Orgasmic Restaurant

National Sexuality Management Committee as Committee member

Pleasure Guide

Pleasure Helper

An Affair - Two Sisters as Min Eun-ji

Son's wife2017Nice Sister-In-Law 2

Lee Chaedam's G-Spot

Lee Chaedam's G-Spot as Lee Chae-dam

Three-minute Partner

Mother's Job as Yoo-sun

My Friend's Nice Mother

Sweet Sex as We In

Real as Secret room club addict

Oligosaccharide The Movie as Mi-jeong

My Sister's Friend 2 as Hee-kyeong

Madame Freedom2017A Unique Movie as Yoo-mi

My Wife's Sister as Ji-seon (지선)

Swapping: My Friend's Wife as Hye-joo

Descendants of Adultery as Soo-ji

Bed-Rella as Yang Si-nae

My Brother's Wife 2

Like Father, Like Son - 2016 as Ok-ryeon

Purpose of Hiking

Summer of Director Oh as Nabi

Tasty Encounter

Raunchy Late Night Theatre

Comic Series as TOEIC instructor

Hot Neighbors as Hye-jin

Erotic Sister2015나쁜 수업

Yongju Valley as BJ Marshal

Strange Hair Salon

Street Stall

Stormy Affair

Coin Locker Girl as High end prostitute 6

The Story of Ong-nyeo as Gisaeng bright moon

I Like Sexy Women as Racy girl

색녀도 (8 episodes)

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