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About lee chae dam

You have been searching About Lee Chae Dam for a long time. Probably for hundreds of hours all over the Internet. No joke, right? 

Lee Chae-dam Biography:

Lee Hye Young, known professionally as Lee Chae Dam, is a South Korean Adult Film Actress (Born in Daegu, South Korea on June 11, 1985). She made her acting debut in 2014 with a role in the film "Love Mentor" (러브멘토). 

She has appeared in over 500 movies, many different movie series and hundreds of different JAV titles, including Japanese Adult Videos. 

About Lee Chae Dam (이채담) Movies

Chae-Dam in one of the hottest South Korean’s Adult Stars today. And, is excitingly expanding her horizons in the industry of JAV, AV and in other areas as well. You can check her out here | Click Here.

This ultra-sexy lady has starred in over five hundred (500) movies that are full length movies, anywhere from sixty minutes to ninety minutes with an actual plot. Furthermore, containing very sexy erotic sex scenes. Not even a comparison in my opinion to other movies on the market in the same genre. 

The down-fall, if there is any, is that Korean movies often have 3-4 different edits (director cuts, uncensored versions, uncut versions, and ect). 

In alot of her movies, some of her sex scenes the genitals are often blurred. This is do one because of Korean Law; and two, you need the uncensored version.

Most of the time the ‘Blurred’ areas are not bothersome because the blurred area is so tiny but there are a few movies that whoever the editor is, needs some help. For the most part, excellent work. 

Now, the good news is that more and more of her recent movies have no blurred effects like Lee Chae Dam's JAV Collection. For most of the movies you have to understand Korean or at least have the English Subtitles Enabled. 

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About Lee Chae Dam JAV

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Next on the List

Over the recent years, Lee Chae Dam has appeared in many JAV movies and an abundance of AV Movie Series, which are quite excellent and will surely get you excited if you know what I mean. Although, they are extremely hard to find, with some help from Lee Chae Dam, it is possible. Click Here for more information.

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This is WHAT everyone is trying to search for...How to get and find all of Lee Chae-dam's XXX Content. Now, this is NO easy task, to say the least. Plus, people think that this content in NOT Available. You are WRONG. 

But it is difficult. One, by Korean Law, the genitals have to be blurred. Plus, EVERY SINGLE Lee Chae Dam movie has 3 or 4 different edits and versions (streaming from uncut edits, uncensored edits, to Director Cuts, and so on). Further, Korean movies are just HARD to find, period. But, they are out there.

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Other Names for

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Chae Rin
Cha Kyung

See Lee Chae-dam's Video Blog...

Stay up-to-date with some of Chaedam Videos per her Blog. 

Behind the Scenes with Lee Chae Dam

Chae-rin 채린 walks you through a behind the scenes... 

Look into her Movie Career... 


And, of course, the Lee Chae Dam Instagram. 

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